Window or Garden Feeders

Our feeders are simply made to last!  Being made with brass the feeders will never rust.  This is especially important for our squirrel baffling feeders as the feeders are not susceptible to damage.  They can not be chewed through by animals and will not fall apart from exposure to the elements.  Being made from glass the feeders will never cloud or become brittle.  This allows a great view of birds, easy sterile cleaning and again…will not be affected by weather.  They simply sparkle and dazzle!!

Erica Moore-0006

Our Products

Erica Moore-0009

Window Squirrel Baffling Feeder

$79.00 Add to cart Erica Moore-0006

Window Birdhouse Feeder

$59.00 Add to cart Erica Moore-0024

Hanging Squirrel Baffling Feeders

$109.00 Add to cart Erica Moore-0025

Diamond Feeder/Terrarium

$149.00 Add to cart Erica Moore-0017

Oriole Feeder

$35.00 Add to cart Erica Moore-0002-2

Squirrel Baffling Feeder with Garden Stand

$149.00 Add to cart

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