Beautiful & Functional Bird Feeders

We create beautiful and functional bird feeders that can be enjoyed throughout the year.  The feeders are made with brass and glass which ensures they will not be affected by the elements. They will never rust, rot, cloud or deteriorate.  They can be cleaned properly a few times a year so your birds stay healthy and active at your feeder!

Erica Moore-0047

Our feeders are an awesome way to view birds for everyone!  The window mounted feeders are ideal for young children to see up close and become interested in the nature of birds!  They are fun for avid bird watchers that get an entirely different vantage point from your everyday regular yard feeders.   A window feeder can make a tremendous difference for older folks who may have a harder time seeing distance or perhaps don't get out as much as they once did. Birds can bring peace and joy to all ages!!!

Our Team

We are a family owned and operated small business since 1994.  We employ a few amazing people from our area to assist in the hand assembly of our one of a kind bird feeders.

Art and Craft Shows

Being in the Arts world we take a great amount of pride in our designs, as well as our presentation.  We have received countless best booth awards at a variety of different shows across the country.  Additionally, we have been honoured with best product/design several times!