They are constructed of glass and solid brass. We use glass because unlike acrylic, it will not become cloudy and deteriorate from the sunlight. We use brass because of the desirable charcoal finish which is created as it weathers and which will never rust.

The suction cups are ultra violet protected which prevents them from drying out in the hot sunlight or becoming brittle in freezing temperatures. They remain plyable in all weather conditions. Each feeder comes complete with a wire that MUST be attached to a little hook or nail on your window frame as a backup security measure. Most people feel more comfortable using it so we provide it. We want you to relax and enjoy your birds.

Clean your window and the suction cups immediately before attaching them and apply a tiny drop of cooking oil to the flat surface of the suction cups. This will remove any dust particles and the oil is very good for the adhesion. You MUST then attach the safety wire that is provided to a nail or hook. Following the simple directions we provide along with each feeder will allow you and your birds to enjoy it for a very long time.

The birds are more concerned about what is happening in their own environment, outside, not what is happening inside. The longer you have your feeder up on your window, the more comfortable and adapted the birds become. Keep fresh seed in your feeder to make your feeder even more enticing!

Depending on the area you live in, they generally attract birds such as chickadees, nuthatches, cardinals, finches, bluejays and grosbeaks to name a few. The type of seed you offer determines the type of birds you may attract. We recommend using black oil sunflower and Nyger seed as these two types attract your most desirable songbirds and are an excellent source of nourishment for them.

Squirrels cannot climb up the window glass so providing there are no trees, railings or ledges close by for them to jump from, they usually cannot reach them. If they do happen to get to them and you have followed our instructions (including attaching the safety wire)to attach and maintain your feeder, the suction cups will hold.

Many people have this problem and we are happy to say that our bird feeder will actually help to prevent them from hitting as it alerts them that there is glass there. When you have nothing there they see the reflection of the sky and trees and this is why they hit. Many people have almost eliminated the problem by using our bird feeder on the window and......they get to enjoy the birds up close.

You will find that most birds adapt quite nicely to feeding at the window feeders. If you are reasonably still while they are at the window you can actually be standing right inside the glass with your face just inches away from them. Of course when you're up this close if you move quickly you will startle them. They do get used to seeing you moving around within your home and soon start to feel safe with you being there. If they go get frightened away they only leave for a short time before returning for more seed.

The nice thing about a window feeder is that you can often place it in a location that is extremely easy and convenient to fill. Often you can fill them from inside your home. If you have casement windows that crank out sideways or sliding type windows it can be filled from inside your home. Many people have a deck or porch where they can be standing quite comfortably while they refill. If your windows are quite high from the ground you can often attach a scoop to a broom handle to fill it. Where there is a will there is a way and we have heard lots of ingenious methods people have devised. Generally, they can be placed at a very convenient level and in full view.

We find that the best type is black oil sunflower as it attracts a wide variey of desirable songs bords such as chickadees,nuthatches,cardinals,finches,grobeaks. It's very good for them as it has a high oil content which really helps them out in the winter when there's not a lot of food around. The goldfinches prefer Nyger seed so we put that in our feeders as well. If you have a number of squirrels in your yard, using safflower seed is a good idea. Cardinals are attracted to it, but the real benefit is that squirrels do not eat it. These seeds can be found at feed and seed stores.